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Who we are

We are the people who employ their passions while working and perform their duties effectively. During the implementation of a project we give priority to development and mutual success. We are continuously pursuing the best, following the latest trends and presenting incomparable ideas. We seek unconventional solutions. We support effective marketing communication. Together we create a group of collaborating professionals with over 100 hundred years of trade experience.

Branding 360

Our Team frames the best method to present a product or a company. In our work we implement graphic solutions. For each customer we prepare a concept of implementing a service, product or brand. We act comprehensively and professionally.


Our cooperation is based on the principle of full outsourcing according to which we manage all advertising practices for the Client. Apart from that, we base our actions on the principle of partial outsourcing where we manage only the practices indicated by the Client.

Full service advertising

We organize advertising campaigns of serviced brands on any storage medium. We comprehensively prepare press ads, advertising spots according to specification and OOH ads.


By means of image and sound we follow original scripts. We use our experience gained over the years while taking photos and videos with motion graphics animations.


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Incentive travels

Motivational Survival Cruises Team Building Extreme sports Filming locations


Event packages Conferences Trainings Product launches Comprehensive branding Folders Gadgets

Support program

Sales contests Press meetings Motivation contests Prize management Setting and choosing the prizes Storage and Distribution

Event decor

Events according to settled schedule Participation of famous persons Video Photo Relation Press Release


Integration events

We are the creators of original motivational travels. In 10 years of activity we have organized more than 100 incentive travels – for holiday, conferences and competitions.

Theme / Evening events

We provide services for both small companies and corporations with delight and guarantee the original programs built from scratch. We offer solutions for every client in keeping with their financial capacities.

Incentive Travels

More and more projects of company events are getting so complicated as to make it necessary to engage larger number of people. Therefore, you need to put your entire trust in our experts in organizing an event or training – starting from planning and ending in implementation itself.


We collaborate with the companies that give priority to professional approach to customers as much as we do. We provide companies with comprehensive services related to fairs and expositions in the EU.

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